NCGUB marks 18th anniversary Sein Win NCGUB marks 18th anniversary Dec 19, 2008 (DVB)–The prime minister of the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma, Dr Sein Win, expressed his disappointment yesterday in the l 吳哥窟ack of progress towards democracy in Burma. Speaking on the 18th anniversary of the formation of the government in exile, Dr Sein Win said he could understand 買屋why some people were disappointed by NCGUB’s lack of success, but called for all those involved in the democracy movement to play their parts. "It is natural as people are gettin 永慶房屋g frustrated by the long struggle,” he said. “[But] individuals or organisations need to assess what they are doing as well." Dr Sein Win said the NCGUB would continue to push for t 租房子he United Nations Security Council to take action on Burma. "The Burma issue reached the Security Council but due to the vetoes of China and Russia, we have been unable to push for a change. But we will contin 酒肉朋友ue to try," he said. "We will have to continue to work diplomatically, which we are doing. But, the movements inside and outside [the country] are important,” he continued. “If everyone works together, it is possible." 烤肉食材 The prime minister in exile said the NCGUB would continue to listen to the views of the people of Burma, and dismissed the possibility of a rival exile government. "We will do our best to consult with exiled MPs to find the best me 酒店兼職thod,” Dr Sein Win said. “The result of 1990 election still stands. We listen a lot to the voice of the NLD within the country and other groups and study their actions,” he went on. “Therefore, whether a new government will emerge is not our responsibili 房地產ty. We will continue with the job that we started in 1990 and we will see it to the end." When asked about the 2010 election, Dr Sein Win said an election based on the junta’s new constitution could not be fair. "The 2010 election is not based on fairness, it is will 訂做禮服not encourage human rights and it won't bring us democracy; it is an effort to legalise military rule.,” he said. “We can not accept it or take part in it as we do not believe that it would lead us to democracy." Reporting by Khin Hnin Htet 酒店工作  .
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